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Tapestry Restoration

The spirit of restoration

JF tournai - avant    JF tournai - après

Tapestry restoration is a highly sensual experience. Taking the place of the heddle setter and bringing a human face or a bed of columbines back to life is a true joy in itself.

Small workshops are havens of peace and wisdom. Every worker feels invested with a mission of conservation. This unique atmosphere cannot be felt in either large-scale or exotic workshops.

One must be inspired to restore a tapestry. As a matter of fact it is the tapestry itself that conveys what to do. In any case that is what I feel.

This rare and fascinating craft makes it possible to conserve items which would be lost without restoration. This is only possible when tapestry collectors are aware of the importance of the heritage they own and are willing to make a financial effort to preserve it.

This point of view on tapestry restoration, which is mine and mine alone, is the fruit of 25 years of practical experience.

Village Acteon

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